Game Specifications

Rules and mechanics

  • Free-for-all, battle royal style, for individuals or for teams.
  • Each win awards teams/individuals points.
  • In-between rounds allows purchase of items such as ammunition, weapons, etc.
  • Each character can move left, right, or up (jump).
  • Each character starts with a basic artillery weapon.
  • Characters lose life points upon being attacked by weapons.
  • Each individual character starts with its own unique melee weapons.
  • Some weapons are purchasable by each character, some are weapon-specific-to-character.
  • Weapons:
    Baseball bat: low damage weapon knocking characters back on the screen far distances.
    Bazooka: Projectile weapon that explodes on impact. Direct hit has more damage than being hit within the range of explosion. May damage terrain upon impact.
    Shotgun: Short range weapon that has spread.

    The higher the damage, the higher the reload rate.
  • Each weapon does a certain amount of damage based upon weapon class.
  • Physics of the world: gravity and wind.
  • Game control: keyboard and mouse. Keyboard for moving the character. Mouse for aiming weapons and firing.
  • Map/game field is static (not generated on the fly), but will be dynamic in the game
  • Upon landing on empty space falling a long distance towards the earth, the character’s health meter is reduced.
  • Friction on surfaces: it’s harder to slide on surfaces with more friction such as rock vs. ice.
  • Death occurs when a character loses all of its health or falls into a pit or water.

Artwork and user interface

  • Each character has health meter floating above them.
  • Health meters are displayed next to each character in game.
  • A chat interface will exist on the bottom of the playing screen.
  • The game runs in 800 x 600 resolution full screen.

Gameplay and balance

  • Move left, right, jump, aim, and shoot.
    • Input to the game will be through a keyboard and mouse. The keyboard will be use for movements, while the mouse used for aiming. The character you control will not do anything unless you tell it to; basically the process that controls your character will wait until you give it an input.
  • Melee weapons are unlimited use. Projectile weapons require ammunition.
  • Players can purchase ammunition and weapons between rounds using money acquired upon damage and kills inflicted upon other players in previous rounds.
  • Hotkeys for each weapon class. Upon pressing a hotkey, if there are more than one weapon existing in that class that the character has acquired, they will select which weapon to be used from a menu.
  • The map/game field is visible to every player all the time. It is static so the world is always seen.
  • Holding down the left mouse button powers up weapons that are have this feature. Having more power when shooting a weapon increases the distance the projectile travels or how far a character will be knocked back such as when struck by a melee weapon.
  • Multiplayer via network interplay. 4 players maximum. 2 players minimum.
  • This game is interesting because: the users can customize their equipment, etc.


  • The terrain in this game will be dynamic. During the course of battle, the following will alter the terrain layout:
    • bullets
    • explosions
    • high velocity collisions
  • Once terrain is destroyed, it is permanently destroyed for that level. This allows you to set up strategic ways to win - it will not always be raw damage output that decides the winner. A couple examples of how terrain can be exploited:
    • shooting a full health opponent standing on a ridge, making him fall into the water
    • purposely creating holes in the land so you can hide from your enemies
    • hitting a character with an explosive weapon, making him fly up, and fall into the deep crater created by the explosion - doing extra damage (height damage)
    • create alternate routes
    • get to your opponents by breaking the land, instead of walking around it
Dynamic Terrain Example 1
Dynamic Terrain Example 2
Dynamic Terrain Example 3

Music and sound

  • Background music and sound effects.
  • Background music will be a mixture of loops unique to each level/stage
  • Sound effects
    • The panning will reflect the character positioning
    • Sound for taking damage will be unique to character
    • Default weapon sound will be unique
    • Advanced weapons will have their own sound that is kept consistent for all characters

Background story

  • The characters are fighting for the admiration of Princess Frostina?


  • Characters: plumber, rock star, knight, marine, nurse, waitress.
  • Onscreen size is 26 x 35 pixels
Through a turn of fate, the metal-mariachi bandman who played exclusively for King Frostillicus joins the fray!
The long lost and rejected 3rd Mario BrosTM wants a princess of his own!
Commanded by King Frostillicus to fight in the tournament to keep others away from Frostina, but the ugly truth is that he is Frostina's brother...
Still believing in harakiri and that WWII is still going on, he drifted across the ocean to end up in yet another war...
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest damsel of them all? Enraged by the answer, the nurse sets out to cure the world.
Wants to eat Frostina... *literally*



  • Users can load levels.
  • Each level is 800 x 600 pixels.


  • Animation of nature effects.


  • Bundled with game .

Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer controlled opponents. (implemented if time allows)


  • Our project will utilize the SDL_net library to implement our networking functions.
    It will allow LAN and Internet play, making the game much more fun.
    We will use both TCP and UDP for our game.
    TCP will be used for initial connection (handshake) and for messages within the game
    UDP will be used for
    1. a projectile has been fired.
    2. character movement.
  • Each client/server will need to have ports 10000-10001 open
  • There are two ways to create a game for "The Frost Project"
    1) Run the dedicated server by itself.
    2) From the Main Menu click on Multiplayer and click on Create a Game
  • The dedicated server has its own configuration file which it reads from.