Grayed Out = Not Implemented

The Frost Project is a multiplayer game where players select a character, buy weapons, and fight each other to the death. The style of the game will be cartoonish, and the artwork/sprites will reflect that. It is a real time action game with an element of strategy. The levels dynamically change during the battle - terrain will be blown away, creating new passages, areas to mount attacks, and areas where you can turtle. In order to keep all the players on the screen, the level/map will not scroll.

The objective of the game is to kill everyone else before you get killed. The players are all fighting to try to woo Princess Frostina, who King Frostilicus is trying to marry off. Princess Frostina is the hottest damsel -ever-.

This game’s target audience is aimed at all ages. There is implied violence, but this is the same type of violence you will see in cartoons. Rendering of graphics will be done non-photorealistically, using sprites. The game will be in 2D.

After each round, each player will have access to his own unique shop (depending on the character chosen). The weapons will be balanced, but to emphasize this fact, there will be a select pool of weapons and items that all characters can access.

Players will be ranked based on points that are awarded to the winner of each round. The player with the most points after a preset number of rounds will win the game and marry Princess Frostina. Players earn money to spend between rounds by doing damage to other opponents. Bonus money is earned for each kill. To preserve game balance, consecutive winners will earn progressively less money.

There will be several modes of play. Free for all where every player fights for himself, team based (2 on 2), and team based with optional handicap (2 on 1 – the solitary character can have more health). There will also be a sudden death mode, where damage and physics are exaggerated, the water level rises, and also land may chip off.

Our networking module will have text based chat, which will appear on the screen. There will be a limit as to how many messages you can send over a certain amount of time, to prevent spam. Users can connect over LAN or TCP/IP. The game comes bundled with both the server and the client. Players can start the game when everyone starts, and can also hotjoin when the game is already in progress (the health/money/points for the hotjoined character will be an average of what the other players have).

Controlling your characters will be done using a keyboard and mouse. The keyboard will be used for movement (walking left/right, jumping) and chat, the mouse will be used for aiming weapons, firing, and selecting items (such as menu options, weapons).

We will have 5 weapon categories. Melee, short range, long range, artillery, and special. Melee will consist of weapons such as baseball bats, knives, fists. Ammo for these types of weapons will be unlimited. Short range include pistols, ammo will be limited. Long range include rifles, ammo will also be limited. Artillery will include bazookas and mortar-type weapons, ammo will be limited. Special weapons include nukes and anything else that does not fit the other 4 weapon categories. Once hit with a weapon, the victim will fly/react accordingly to a simulated physics model. Weapon damage scales up according to 1)melee 2)short range 3)long range 4)artillery.

Players will die if their hitpoints reach 0, if they fall off into the lava/water/abyss, or if they quit prematurely. Seemingly low damage weapons such as the baseball bat can be used to knock them off the level.

Background music will be a mixture of loops (funk, ominous, etc.) unique to each level/stage. Sound effects will be cute sounding. Sound will pan according to where the players are. Projectiles will also follow this sound system and pan accordingly. Each character will have his or her own sound set.

Levels will be curvy and contain trenches/pockets where players can hide or avoid incoming fire. Even though this game is 2D, we will have multiple terrain levels that players can jump to, in order to make things interesting. Higher ground will be advantageous (easier to hit other players, harder for other players to hit you), especially when sudden death begins and the water level rises after the time limit runs out. There will be nature effects such as rain, snow, and clouds as well.

More details will be described in the following sections: game specifications, tech specifications.