General Allocation of Tasks

Week 3 : Saturday: each member have 2 game titles for consideration

Week 4 :
API Design (all)
Learning SDL (all..?) : going through tutorials/
Writing Pitch (Graphics and User Interface, optionally Flash promo movie) (Tony & Yu)

Week 5 :
Finalize Design Document
Consider suggestions made during “pitch”
Start Implementation
Data Structs for Game – health, ammo,

Week 6 :
Yu: finish characters and their various poses, figure out music api
Tony: Menu, Game screen design done, handle mouse/keyboard
Daisuke: Figure out networking api (headers are done), physics model all done
Gerald: Import bitmap for terrain

Week 7 :
Start Integration
Yu: Finish music and record/collect sfx
Daisuke: Client/Server Chatting will be done, UDP packets done
Gerald: Collision Detection done

Week 8 :
Integration of components should finish by Thursday?

Week 9 :
Demo, Debugging, Synchronization

Week 10: